Welcome to this website where we try to help you find great addresses for quiet and adults only holidays.
We hope you will find here what you are looking for, for your well deserved holiday.

Only Adults Holidays is for people who want to enjoy real peace and quiet during their holiday.

This group of people is bigger than you think and is growing as well and it does not only consist of people over the age of sixty. It appears that young couples or hardworking thirty-something and forty-something (in education, youth care, etc.) also belong to this group. And even twenty-something people appreciate an adult only holiday nowadays.

At a quiet campsite / accommodation you don't want to be surrounded by the whining of toddlers, the screams of children, the fear of a football against your car/caravan/camper/tent, and no opportunity to quietly cool off in a swimming pool.

This group of people can visit few places, especially in July and August. Especially campsites are often flooded with families (with the associated sounds).

Only Adults Holidays is for this group of people.
The campsites on this website are not all by definition "child free", but will want to limit the number of children and focus on adults who do not need entertainment and noise.

The conditions that the campsites / accommodations on this website have to meet:
- usually on a small scale (if not on a small scale, the focus will be on adults)
- do not offer facilities for children
- limit the number of families with children
- the websites of the campsites are checked at least once a year.

If you have visited one of these campsites and you feel that it does not meet the criteria of "Quiet", please let us know.

We wish you a very nice and quiet holiday!